About the BMC

Burnheimer Meat Co., owner, Brad Burnheimer

Meat is a beautiful thing

Burnheimer Meat Company was born out of necessity.  The need to provide the community with healthy, local meat.

It began by Burnheimer making sausage with his German Grandmother in Pennsylvania when he was a kid.  Burnheimer started working at Gathering Together Farm in Philomath, OR in 2009.  It was there as well as stages in Portland, OR at Laurelhurst Market and Old Salt Marketplace that Burnheimer realized there was a great need for butchers, processors and charcuterists.  BMC started in 2011 in the kitchen of GTF.  Since, BMC has grown and moved into its own facility, Brad won Iron Chef Eugene 2013 and continues to collaborate with local farms, breweries, wineries and cider houses.  The sourcing and attention to detail is what sets BMC apart.

The Salami Logs: a note

The Salami Logs are a snapshot into the Burnheimer Meat Company. They’re a journal, a learning tool, a record book and a celebration of my work and passion for the business and artistry of charcuterie. Thank you for reading. – Brad


10 Comments on “About the BMC”

  1. Crystal says:


    I am soooo proud of you! The website looks amazing, I just wish I could be there this evening to celebrate with you. You are amazing my little brother. I can’t wait to come to Oregon to visit and enjoy some good food.

    Love you immensely!

    Your sis,
    Crystal Fleming

  2. Lyn Wolfrom says:

    Congratulations Brad

  3. Susan says:


    Congratulations on opening the Burnheimer Meat Co.!!!

    Your products and menus make me wish we lived in Oregon!

    Your website is amazing! Very creative, good communication resource, awesome graphics and photos (especially on the “about” page)

    Wishing you the very best and much success!

  4. Annette Amelia says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you much success with your endeavors,both business and personal! For it seems to me that you have put a lot of yourself into this company and it really shows!

  5. The BMC says:

    Thank you, everyone. We’re trying hard out here, and your support feels so good.

  6. Tom Burnheimer says:

    Brad, all I want is East Coast Distribution rights for “Burnheimer Meat Company” T shirts and Ball caps. Best of luck with your work!

  7. Caitlin says:

    HOLY GUACAMOLE BWADLEY! I saw this on Santino’s page, amazing amazing job on the page and the success of your new business. I am insanely proud of you as your dedication to your career is highly respected and very admirable. I wish you BUTTloads of success in your business and I hope you reach each and every goal imaginable. Nice work brother. 🙂

    Peace out girl scout,
    yours truly!

  8. Bob Troup says:

    Hi Cousin,
    Congratulations on opening your own business, “Burnheimer Meat Company.” No, I don’t think you know me but my mother was a Burnheimer from PA. Not sure where you fit into the family either but I would like to know so I can notify our other cousins of your success. Let me know at robert.e.troup@verizon.net

  9. Jason says:


    Your meats that we have had so far, have been second to none. Frankly I am addicted to your sausages!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to try some different things. Keep up the good work!!!

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