Spring Beer Dinner at Corvallis Brewing Supply

This Sunday, April 3, 2011, BMC proprietor, Brad Burnheimer, joins Corvallis Brewing Supply in celebrating the release of Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary ales with a special beer dinner featuring BMC meats and Gathering Together Farm produce.

The menu, prepared by Burnheimer, pairs each specialty ale with a complimentary dish. Menu itemsĀ  include: pork belly confit, boudin blanc (a chicken/pork sausage), country pork pate and fresh-cream bourbon ice cream floats.

Twenty-five seats were made available for the dinner, and we’re proud to say that every one already has a name on it.



It’s official. After meeting with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, receiving site approval, filling out paperwork and paying fees, the Burnheimer Meat Company is licensed by the state to sell fresh meats, sausages and salumi to the public.

Look for us soon at the Gathering Together Farm stand and other local markets.